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About Silverman Established in April 2018, Silverman has grown dramatically over the last year to become the leading provider of high-performance property management platforms for the property management & real estate industry. Since its founding, Silverman has combined responsiveness and technical innovation to set the standard for property management softwares. We understand the unique needs of the industry’s various segments and have the technical expertise and vision necessary to translate that understanding into powerful solutions that meet and exceed those needs. From our experience as a resident, we've learned that different people have different needs. That is why we've created the technology that will make things easier for people to live together. During our development process, we've found that the key to the better living is an effective property management. Detail oriented service can simply bring joys and happiness to everyone. We set our goal to create the application that will simplify property management tasks in every aspect as well as provide the best service to residents. As a result, we have created Silverman, the application that perfectly serve all types of property; housing estate, condominium, apartment and office building. Silverman is a comprehensive platform for property management and accounting in digital age. Under the concept of "Smart Property Solution", Silverman aims to solve problems, reduce error, simplify property management tasks, and improve service efficiency for residents. Our team has mainly experiences in developing Python (Django), Javascript (React), and Mobile Application (Native). Silverman is the next generation of property management software. Come GROW with us! Join the Silverman team and be a part of our success! https://silverman.app/






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  • Website: https://silverman.app/


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